Monday, March 3, 2008

geese riding north

I love to get out into the winter woods and cross-country skiing is one of my favorite winter activities. This year hasn’t been very good for skiing with thin, icy snow. But this weekend the snow was excellent and I went out often.
Today was bright and sunny, and a warm wind was blowing so I went out on my skis early while the snow was still cold and firm. While I was enjoying the woods I suddenly heard the call of migrating geese and barely had time to look up to see them rocket by. I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, but then I realized they were riding the strong south wind that was bringing unseasonable warmth, and not some new super species. I saw several more large flocks heading northward while out on skis.
I am looking forward to spring,. But March brings fickle weather, even more so in times of climate change. And the forecast is for ice storms, so it is time to savor the sun and mid 50’s.

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