Sunday, July 27, 2008

Ithaca Artist's Market

I love the Ithaca Artist’s Market.
One of the best things about the Artist’s Market is using the Farmer’s Market infrastructure. I didn’t have to invest in a tent or other equipment to get the outdoor art fair experience. The artworks were protected from the elements. People will still come if it rains because they can see the art without getting wet, but the weather was delightful and many people came to see art.
The Artist’s Market brings in a lot of people that wouldn’t ordinarily go to art galleries. In a gallery setting everyone compliments your work and you never know whether they are sincere or just being polite. But at the Artist’s Market you are exhibiting along with many fabulous artists and they don’t have to linger at your booth if they aren’t interested. So it gives me a much better feel how people respond to my work.
The whole experience was festive, with food and music. It gave an opportunity to chat with other artists and see the new things they are doing. And it was lots of fun to watch people’s faces as they look at my work and to explain my inspirations and techniques for the pieces that interest them. I got many positive responses and sales were good.
It was exhausting, but a good day.

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