Monday, July 23, 2007


Four days of music. I've been going to the Grassroots Festival for the past 10 years.
Almost didn't go this year. After all, the Ithaca Artist's Market is next weekend, and I should have spent this weekend getting ready. But few things nourish the soul (and excite the muse) like music. So I'm four days behind where I should be. And still smiling.
Thursday night the evening sky was suddenly filled with lightning and torrential rain. (fortunately I was cozy under the dance tent listening to Cajun music). It looked like the festival was going to be a wet, soupy mud-fest. But the next three days brought the most amazing sunshine and blue sky, and things quickly dried out.
And oh, those nights! Early evening the crescent moon hung in the western sky. When it finally set the crystal sky was ablaze with a million stars. Jupiter sat atop Scorpio, and its brilliance made the constellation seem strange and familiar at the same time.
All the while music drifted sweetly in the night air. When I finally dragged myself away and headed home I noticed the Pleiades climbing into the sky, and I knew it was well past my bedtime.

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