Sunday, July 29, 2007

Ithaca Artist's Market

Long exhausting day. (Exhausting week actually).
But lots of fun. Watching peoples faces light up as they walked into my booth was very gratifying. Listening to people comment on and compliment my art all day was worth all the effort.
It was my first time at the Ithaca Artist's Market and quite an experience. I even sold enough art to want to do it again. And considering the competition I think I did reasonably well. Ithaca is a small community with a large number of very talented artists.
All week the forecast for Sunday was rain. But the day started off with mixed clouds and sun, and got even more sunny as the day went on. The market was festive and crowded.
At the end of the day I could barely move. I sat on my porch watching the light fade. My daylilies seemed to glow in the twilight along with the occasional firefly. And when the Full Buck Moon rose I knew it had been a good day.

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