Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ah, summer

These days summer seems to go by in a flash. There never seems enough time to savor the season and this year was no exception. But after the Artist's Market there was a little time to relax.
The gardens were spectacular, especially the daylilies. Abundant rain and sunshine made everything thrive despite my neglect.
And then there was a marvelous week on the beach. No full moon over the ocean this year (although late night revealed a waning last quarter shimmering over the water.) But there were clear nights filled with stars and an excellent view of the Milky Way. Jupiter, like a jewel, still above Scorpio.(All the more lovely, reflected in the ocean.} One night the Perseids put on a marvelous show.
The days were spent on long walks, and swimming in the ocean every day. There were many opportunities to photograph trees and flowers to use in my collages. The weather was mostly lovely (though a couple of spectacular storms made things exciting). I love living in the hills of the Finger Lakes, but the ocean is a special, soul-soothing place for me.
Home now, with a bit of summer left, my thoughts turn again to art. There are no deadlines to spur me into production so it will be a time to explore new directions.