Thursday, January 10, 2008

Light in Winter

Ithaca has a fabulous winter festival called Light in Winter. It is all about combining science, music, and art, and exploring the synergy when they interact. I find this very exciting because I have spent my life going between science and art, searching for ways to bring together these passions.
The first Gallery Night of the new year coincides with the festival. I have a piece accepted for the invitational show in the Clinton House Artspace. The theme of the show is “identity”. The work is shown above, and is titled “Helliconia Nights (self with flower)”.
This piece originally started out as a self-portrait (since ‘self’ is one of the ultimate forms of identity). However, I noticed that when I shrank my image, made it fainter, and moved it to the side, the piece seemed to improve. This process continued until I am barely visible as a tiny (but recognizable) dot.
The basic theme remains, with images of science and nature interwoven to reflect my interests. And, of course, art.